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The exact same electronic voting systems used to steal the 2020 elections are still in place and as long as they are there is absolutely no way to stop 2024 from being a repeat of 2020. - This means the electronics cannot be allowed to be used in the 2024 primaries.


85+ million Trump supporters had 4 years to secure the 2024 elections for President Trump and no one, NO ONE did a thing. Mike Lindell has been begging and pleading people since right after the 2020 election to get rid of the machines and use a paper ballot only election system with hand counted tallies/results and 3+ years later no one, NO ONE has done a thing. There is only one way, ONE WAY President Trump can win the 2024 election, a road to the White House must be plowed open for him by providing an honest election. - And it's up to us to do the plowing!


This next paragraph explains what is going to happen to the 2024 election if the voting machines and electronics are used.


There will be no way we will be able to vote MAGA and American First (AF) patriots to the house, senate or presidency in the Nov 2024 general election because these races will be stolen in the spring primaries and given to RHINO's, GOP and Uniparty candidates, just like they were in 2022. Then when the new regime takes over, to make sure we will never be able to vote them out of office they will pass federal and state election laws mandating that the machines must be used in every election and/or it's illegal to tally votes by hand (this is already being attempted). When that happens you will never ever be able to stop elections from being stolen. - The 2024 primaries are the point of no return to stop 'forever stolen elections'. Electronic voting systems must not be allowed to be used in the 2024 primaries. - Please join the movement so we can stop this from happening.


Stealing a Presidential election can be as easy as stealing only ONE COUNTY in only ONE STATE. - YES, THAT EASY. - See Why.


Through this website you will learn not only how the electronic machines used to conduct our elections allow your votes to be stolen or cancelled-out by illegal votes, but why it's impossible to stop or prevent it from being done. You will also be able to see how the electronics were used to steal 2020.



If you do not trust electronic voting systems and do not want them used in 2024 then as AN AMERICAN DEMAND THEY NOT BE USED. Remember - Elections belong to us, 'we the people', not the politicians or bureaucrats including the board of elections and county commissioners. These people work for us, we tell them what kind of voting system to use, not vise versa. Demand your county board of elections move to the same election system our founding fathers used, paper ballots only with hand counted results.



The election system we are currently using is conveniently providing all the tools necessary to steal elections. The tools are the electronics which include computers, voting machines, scanners/tabulators, electronic registration systems like ERIC. See video(s) below. - Further down the page is a paper voting system vs an electronic system security comparison.



The video to the left/top will show you how easily computers, voting machines and scanners can steal your vote and entire elections. If you watch the video you'll realize that you've been lied to because there is no way our elections are, or can be made honest and secure using electronics. Further down the page we link to videos and a platform showing how the electronics were used to steal 2020 from President Trump. After you see so much evidence that 2020 was stolen and never fixed, considering the same electronic voting system was used in 2022, how do we know how many governors, congress people, judges etc we legitimately elected in the 2020 and 2022 elections.


New 6.16.23: The Halderman Report. Mr. Halderman (man in vid img above) recently released a new report on how voting machines can flip votes.- 'Halderman Report (video) Says Voting Machines Can Flip Votes and Solution is Paper Ballots'. Download the Halderman Report (pdf).



The stealing of your elections will not stop UNLESS YOU STOP IT. And there is only one way to do it, with hand count paper ballot election systems in place by 2024.


Below we compare a Paper ballot w/ Hand Counts election system to the current system using Electronics & Machines. Which one do you want used in 2024?

Paper and Hand Counts System.

When voting in person, after you place your ballot in a non-electronic collection box (wood, cardboard, plastic etc.), while it's in that box your vote cannot be electronically stolen/flipped (given to 'the other guy') or deleted. A digital copy of your ballot cannot be made but showing different selections than what you made. A digital record cannot be created showing you selections were for someone other than who you voted for. A digital record of your vote/ballot cannot be deleted. A fraudulent digital record of your vote/ballot cannot be uploaded anywhere on the web. A remote source on the web cannot alter your digital data. The box cannot be connected to the internet. A remote source on the web cannot access or manipulate anything inside the box. The collection box cannot be infected with or pass on a virus to another box in-house or at a remote location. The box cannot contain software or hardware programed to commit vote fraud. A USB drive cannot be inserted into the box to copy, input or transfer data or files.. The box cannot upload fraudulent digital data. A box cannot use an algorithm to change tallies. A box cannot jam, a box cannot reject a ballot, a box cannot breakdown and become unusable. - If you vote by mail, as long as your ballot is not placed in a electronic machine such as a scanner/tabulator the same 'cannot's' apply as if you voted in person. - However, mail-in voting comes with all kinds of other fraud problems.


Current Voting Machines and Electronics System.

Every cannot listed above when using an all paper w/ hand counts system is a CAN using voting machines and tabulator/scanners. All these electronic CANS are covered in the many videos we link to showing the vulnerabilities in the electronics and or how they were used to steal votes/elections.




Computer Expert: 6 Reasons Why Computers Should Not Be Used in Elections and only one of these reasons is enough - If there is anyone who is qualified to speak on how insecure using computers to run our elections is it's Dr. Daugherity, See why. The number one reason electronics can't be trusted in because they are not transparent and can not be made transparent where as paper ballots with hand counts are. The Dr. explains this and so much more in this video. Video courtesy of Colonel of Truth


How to switch to a secure hand count paper ballot election system.


Getting the electronics removed from our elections is done at the county level and it's up to us, we the people to do it because there is no one else that will, NO ONE.. Not a single elected official will be an advocate for it and you are going to find that election boards are going to fight tooth and nail to keep using the electronics. They will argue the machines and electronics help make things a lot easier on the people running the elections, but they will never admit they also make it much easier to steal elections. We can't have it both ways, it's either secure honest elections or convenience with stolen elections. The decisions to stop using the machines & switch to a secure hand count paper ballot election system in most counties can be made by the board of elections or it's equivalent which consists of a just few people.


Step [1]
Find out who has the authority to dump the machines.

Find you county's election code on the county website and download it. Find out who's in charge of maintaining the voting machines, these should be the people with the authority to stop using them and switch to a secure hand count paper ballot election system. It should be the board of elections or it's equivalent. Contact them by email or phone and ask if they have the authority to do away with the election machines and go to a hand count paper ballot election system. Also tell them you want to know what the procedure is to get the process started. Example: Do you have to go to an elections board meeting and make a motion to switch to a secure hand count paper ballot election system?


Step [2]

Please contact us for info on step 2.

If you would like to be kept updated as the movement to eliminate the machines moves forward or would like to get involved in your county please let us know via the contact page.


Election Fraud & Stolen Elections Info Area


Just One Stolen County is all it can take to steal a presidency.

The winner of a presidential election can boil down to who wins just one state and that state's winner can boil down to who wins just one county. Example: Say in a close election the winner of Pennsylvania's (PA) 20 electoral votes will win the Presidency and the winner of Delaware County PA will decide who wins Pennsylvania. So if they steal Delaware County, not only did they steal PA but they just stole the entire presidential election. – YES, it's that simple.


There's 3143 counties in the US; to guarantee a stolen election all that needs done is to target (steal) a couple of key counties in a few key swing states and a stolen election is guaranteed. Why do you think key battleground states, PA, MI, GA, WI and NC all stopped counting votes on election night 2020 at the same time? Was this just a 5 state shutdown coincidence or was it time to adjust the numbers to guarantee the steal. Look at the numbers (img below) when the counting stopped, at this point it was impossible for Trump to lose. KNOW THIS > Without the use of computers and electronics this never could have happened. The use of electronics must be eliminated from our voting systems, before 2024. Top of page


Click img for source.

Vote tally when counting stopped 3 Nov 2020


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See how the computers and machines stole Trump's (and your votes) in 2020.


The video to the left/top shows the actual stealing being done during the 2020 general election. The chart image shows the votes that were flipped/switched from Trump to Biden in the 5 battleground states using computers/machines. (This chart is explained is in the video). - If you voted for President Trump seeing this chart should really, really piss you off because odds are your vote was given to Biden and look at what he and is handlers have done to America with your vote since Jan 2021.- If we don't get rid of the machines the same thing you see in this video will happen in 2024. Speaking of Biden's handlers, we now know they are, and, who handles the handlers.



Below are the 5 battleground states - all Flipped from Trump to Biden.

Trump won these states by...

AZ by 269,979GA by 403,265MI by 304,536PA by 494,429WI 251,888.


In 2020 PA had 205,000 more votes than the number of people that actually showed up to vote. By PA law the election cannot be certified when this happens until it has been investigated. PA certified it anyway.







See the Evidence the 2020 Election was Illegally Certified.

As of Jan 2023 Biden should no longer be in the whitehouse



Two lawsuits (Brunson v. Adams.) showing the 2020 election was illegally certified by congress on Jan. 6, 2021 were both denied. The supreme court of the United Sateas refused to hear the case 3 times with no explanation or reason given. On March 17, 2023 the 3rd Petition was returned by SCOTUS. The Brunson brothers received a letter from the SCOTUS saying "This case is considered closed in this Court, and no further consideration by this Court is possible". - On March 30, 2023 the 2nd case was Dismissed by Utah Chief Judge Shelby without any reason why, which is a requirement for all judges, Shelby just dismisses the case. Lawsuits History.


Watch Video Explaining the Brunson v Adams SCOTUS Case. This vid is from Dec. 2022 but It explains what the lawsuit is about and why it 'should' overturn the 2020 election.



The Uniparty changed a law behind your back that makes it easier to steal elections.

On Jan 6, 2021 the legislators wanted Mike Pence to put a temp hold on certifying the election using the the Electoral Count Act of 1887 because they new the election was full of fraud and wanted time to have it investigated. As President of the Senate Pence should have done this but he certified it anyway making the certification illegal as explained in the Brunson v Adams SCOTUS Case . The law was in place for just such a circumstances as the 2020 election, it's purpose was to prevent an illegal election from being certified which would be an overthrow of the government. To make sure an election certification cannot be put on hold to investigate a fraudulent election in the future the uniparty attached legislation to the Dec 2022 $1.7 trillion budget rewriting the Electoral Count Act of 1887. The RINO's and uniparty removed the safety mechanism that was in place to stop a stolen election.




In this section we provide links to videos that are available on Frankspeech.com. These videos will provide you with overwhelming evidence and proof that the 2020 election was stolen from President Trump and many down ballot races. The evidence and proof is provided by top in their fields computer experts, computer science professors, cyber security experts, computer data analysis experts and other computer and cyber experts. The reason you will not see this on the evening news channels is because it is being hidden.


The reason you're constantly hearing there is no evidence 2020 was stolen is because not a single judge in this country will allow the evidence to be presented in a court of law. All judges say the same thing, not enough evidence to move forward with a lawsuit so every case is dismissed. This is why MSM is always claiming there is no evidence, it's there and plenty of it, they're just not allowing you to see it. The proof & evidence is in these videos. You look at the evidence yourself then you decide if 2020 was stolen. Then decide if you trust the machines to be used in 2024.


The videos are part of Mike's Absolute Series and can be found here.



Absolute Proof: Exposing Election Fraud and The Theft of America by Enemies Foreign and Domestic


Absolute Interference: The Sequel to Absolute Proof with New Evidence Foreign And Domestic Enemies Used Computers to Hack the 2020 Election



Mike Lindell Presents: Absolutely 9-0


The Proof That 32TB PCAPs and Dennis Montgomery Are Real


The documentary 2000 Mules will show you why Democrats want drop boxes used, no reason or excuse mail-in voting allowed, ballot harvesting legalized or allowed, voting allowed for days and weeks prior to or after election day, no Id requirements to vote, non citizens allowed to vote.


2000 Mules img





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