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The way our system of self-governance is set up is we elect people to represent our values in government which is a representative democracy . When we feel a representative is no longer representing our values we elect/replace her/him with someone who will. Here's The Way Our Current Election System Works. --> When elections are stolen 'we the people' are no longer electing our representatives, someone else is selecting who they want to occupy political seats. Our ability to self govern no longer exists because we no longer have control over who we chose to represent us. Instead we are being ruled by un-elected politicians and the criminals that stole the seat for them. Our elections are no longer elections, they have become selections. Because we are no longer able to elect people to office to fix the corruption it's here to stay and will only get worse. - The only way to get rid of the corruption is to change the election system that's being used to keep the system corrupt, - we must move to a secure hand count paper ballot election system.


vid iconWe finally know who is in charge of Biden, who's running this country & who's in charge of of those running the country, i.e., the new world order. - This video explains who's in charge and how they plan on implementing the new world order. These people are all demonic. The Pandemic treaty is coming up in 2024, our government and those around the world are going to give the W.H.O. who is aligned with the world economic forum and the trilateral Group (private rich citizens of the world) the absolute say over how every nation will respond to the next Global endemic. None of these people that will run the new world order and every aspect of your life are not even elected. They just do what they want because we let them.







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